10 Coolest Things to Do in Czech Republic to Capture Its Culture and Scenery

Local Czechia beers, stunning medieval castles, and rich layers of history are waiting to be discovered! Find out the 10 coolest things to do in Czech Republic here!

Nguyen Oanh

Finely-brewed ale, ancient ruins, medieval towns, and quaint castles are enough to put Czech Republic on your radar. Czech Republic has been emerging to be the apple in the eyes of international globetrotters when it comes to traveling in Europe. Ever since the downfall of Communism in 1989, Czech Republic has opened its door to the world that’s been desiring to share a piece of its history and culture. To unveil the authentic beauty of this awe-inspiring country, dive right into the curated list and discover our ten favorite things to do in Czech Republic! 

Czech Republic – An Entrance Gate to Former Europe

Things to Do in Czech Republic

Known as Czechia for short, Czech Republic is located smack dab in the heart of Europe with its capital city, Prague, appearing to be a time machine to the Early Modern era. This landlocked country is peppered with typical medieval towns, castles, ancient ruins as well as the thriving vineyards. The country appears as a time machine that its core value of architecture and culture is kept intact despite the test of time. 

They say Czech Republic is home to 2000 castles and chateaux, which rivals any other countries in Europe. Amongst those, Prague Castle is recorded as the largest ancient survival castle in the world. Every step you take around the country opens a door into an awe-inspiring artifact as old as the Earth. That includes the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world nestled in Prague’s Old Town today. 

It’s a solid statement if we say Czech Republic is the country of architecture! Your trip around the country will turn into a journey of artistic frameworks. It’s no brainer to spot Baroque, Gothic, Renaissance, Classicism, Functionalism, and many other historically identifiable styles exposed in your naked eyes. 

The best way to wander around the country and soak in its vibe is to either take a train, bus or car. Rest your mind, stare out the window and let it transport you back to the good old days. If this is what you’re planning on, book your trip to Czech Republic during spring or autumn. The crowds start to thin out and the weather is consistently pleasant. Unless you want to hit the ski slopes, that is when wintertime comes into play to be your favorite time of the year.

10  Must-Do Activities in Czech Republic

Capture Czech’s 700 Years of History at Lobkowicz Palace

Things to Do in Czech Republic

Landing first on our list of the Czech Republic’s must-visit places is the Lobkowicz Palace. Lobkowicz is the only privately-owned palace and exists as part of the Prague Castle complex. Nowadays, the palace attracts a great number of visitors every year waiting to discover the country’s largest private collection of art and architecture, Lobkowicz Collections and Museum. 

Those who want to capture 700 years of Czech and European history should never give this place a pass. Housed within this gigantic building is an extensive collection of ceramics spanning over five centuries, arms, armor, and a set of timeless paintings by world-renowned artists. 

What we love even more about the palace is the audio guide narrated by the Lobkowicz’s descendants who truly capture the soul and vibe of their heritage. Before making your way out, don’t forget to stop over at the Palace Café right on the spot to unwind and admire the gorgeous views.

Sip on the Local Brews

When it comes to Czech beer, you will see the world cheering for it. More or less, you can count up to 400 breweries across the country giving you that silky and aromatic ale caressing your mouth. Work your way deep down the cellars no matter which area you are in and discover that golden brews! 

There’s nothing better than treating yourself with that shiny, golden pivo straight out of the tap and coming back home in a good mood. Amongst the top breweries in the country, there are a few heavyweights in the top list that you should never forget. Pilsner Urquell, Eggenberg, and Budweiser Budvar are some of the most respected breweries in Czech Republic that you must visit! 

Hunt down the Vysehrad Fortress

Things to Do in Czech Republic

History buffs assemble! This off-the-radar Fort of Prague is going to amaze you. Vysehrad Fortress is a less-crowded castle located just a few kilometers south of the city square. After a short ride, you will instantly spot the massive building perched on the bank of the river. The striking fortress embraces a range of gardens, restaurants, and pubs with lots of locals hanging around. 

Vysehrad sets itself apart from other famous castles with its pure authenticity. You’re about to see the old-establishment cathedral and an age-old fortress offering a relaxing view over the Vltava as well as the city skyline of Prague. 

Ride the Hop-on Hop-off Tour Bus

You never go wrong with a hop-on hop-off tour bus no matter where you go because it’s so insightful and neat that saves you a bunch of time and effort. This goes the same way to Prague, the city capital where all the main happenings take place. 

Depending on your liking, choose between a 24 or 28-hour-valid package that covers all the main sights. The audio guide is with you all the time that helps you enjoy and learn with fun facts and trivia relating to the icons. The full round trip lasts for an hour. At the end of the day, all that’s left with you is a hassle-free and enjoyable sightseeing experience.  

Embark on a Sightseeing Cruise on the Vltava River

Things to Do in Czech Republic

Vltava is the longest river snaking through the country during its 430-kilometer-long journey. Even though Vltava crosses through different major cities in the country, the river chooses Prague to show its most identical beauty and become the capital’s iconic tourist attraction. 

The most enjoyable way to soak into the heart and soul of the Vltava River is sailing a cruise up and down the stream. There comes a range of cruises for you to choose from. Those short in time can opt for an hour-long cruise trip that sails along the central section of the river. Some others go for a private boat to explore a greater detail of the river in their own timeline. Parties, weddings, events are all welcomed to hire a private cruise for your own use. 

Contemplate at the St. Vitus Cathedral

Things to Do in Czech Republic

If we have to pick one site only to represent Prague, that would be nothing else but St. Vitus Cathedral. Regarded as the largest and most iconic holy shrine in the Czech’s capital, St. Vitus Cathedral is the burial place containing the tombs of the former Bohemian kings and Holy Roman emperors. 

Many visitors take St. Vitus Cathedral as their favorite part of Prague to admire thanks to the exceptional architecture that connects you with the lavish glorious past. Get ready to drop your jaw when you step into the inner hall and contemplate the stained glass collection on the adjacent walls. 

As St. Vitus Cathedral is the most famous site in Prague, prep your mind and buckle up to face the crowds! St. Vitus Cathedral compiles so much history behind this lavish architecture so make sure you spice it up with a guided tour to make the most of your experience here! 

Indulge in a Photo-Worthy Day at Cesky Krumlov

Things to Do in Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov makes a perfect day trip from Prague after a short two-hour drive. This old town made a great escape during the mass bombing during World War 2, giving it a prime chance to perfectly preserve its incredible architecture and relics. 

Cesky Krumlov truly gives you a chance to slow down, bring your camera along and snap the best shots of your life. The small town of Cesky Krumlov appears to be very photogenic and chances are you would be greatly inspired no matter which corner or alley you pop into. 

Save the best for last, the most prominent attraction in Cesky Krumlov is definitely the namesake castle of Cesky Krumlov. Taking root in the 13th century, Cesky Krumlov Castle opens a door to the flamboyant architectural European styles. We are talking about Renaissance Hall, the Royal Apartments, Rosenberg Ballroom, and many more. Cesky Krumlov Castle looms in a massive complex comprising 40 buildings. As the castle can be overwhelming to stack them altogether by yourself, a guided tour will come in handy to cut down your self-learning time. 

Soak in the Mineral Springs of Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary, a highly-visited destination in Czech Republic has taken the world by storm with its identity as a spa town with grandiose beauty. Today, visitors are pulled into this magnificent historical town for a hunting trip of the mineral springs. These survival springs stand the test of time and invite a fun journey where you get down and serious to look for the elaborate colonnades around the town.

Other than the hidden springs, the accent of Karlovy Vary lies in the mild river veining through the heart of the city. Walk along the river and you will instantly spot out a jungle of splendid, grand buildings running on both sides. 

On the doorstep of a new year, spring comes to life when Karlovy Vary busts into a booming scene of cherry blossoms dominating Theater Square Park and Dvorakov’s Gardens. Ultimately, Karlovy Vary is insanely popular with its jaw-dropping views over the tree-shaded downtown and the river valley snaking through the hills. And whenever you feel like working your legs, hit the forest hikes and engage your cores before soaking into that rewarding view at the end. 

Rock the Summer Festivals at Brno

Perched in the South Moravian region, Brno comes next in line as a must-see destination in Czech Republic. Being the second-largest city in the country, Brno sets its identity as Prague’s quiet little brother whose vibrant and contemporary inner self is screaming to expose. Jokes aside, Brno can be seen as a hidden gem where its lively wine bars come to life every summer, while the Christmas markets pull a big crowd when winter comes.

Get your day started by popping into Podnik Café Bar for a generous Continental breakfast. Linger your hype with a short stroll around the Cabbage Market to grab some local gourmet and fresh farmers’ produce. Bring your camera along to Spilberk Castle and wow your followers with some splendid shot of you standing against its bright white walls after revoking its dark history. 

As the sun hits its peak during noontime, hit the Cathedral of St. Peter and admire its dramatic Gothic beauty through the piercing towers while standing on the summit of Petrov Hill. As the day comes to an end, save it for the Old Town Hall and immerse in its medieval ambiance before ending up at the top of the building to soak in its mesmerizing city view.

Discover a New Side of Czech Republic at Kutná Hora

The ancient city of Kutná Hora makes a perfect day trip from Prague. The sleepy, relaxing setting that Kutná Hora has to offer will come in handy if you’re planning on somewhere close to the capital city to kick back and discover a new side of the country. 

The hidden blanket of silver mines lying underneath the ancient hilly floor once won a big fame to stand against the capital city of Prague. However, the Bohemian kings soon crossed it out of their bucket list once the mines were depleted and flooded. 

Today, visitors worldwide flock to Kutná Hora to enjoy it as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A decent trip to Kutná Hora is about peeling off its layers of heritage shined through the charming Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque townhouses. 

Visit the St. Barbara’s Cathedral as it emerges as a stunning masterpiece with its intricate ceiling and frescoes illustrating the golden age of the town. Then pop into the Italian Court where it once served as a town castle where the silver ore was kept intact. 

The list may go on but if you only have up to a week to spare for Czech Republic, mix and match from the list above up to your liking. From the bustling capital of Prague and the noble relaxation Karlovy Vary to the lively festivals in Brno and the fragrant local brews, Czech Republic has everything you may ask for to be the next favorite destination.