Hotel Du Lac Interlaken Review: Is It The Best Four-Star Hotel In Interlaken?

If you’re wondering if Hotel Du Lac is worth your money, check out a brief review below.

Nguyen Oanh

Hotel Du Lac Interlaken

Looking out to the dreamy Aare River, Hotel Du Lac is one of the most visited four-star hotels in the Interlaken area

I stayed at this well-received hotel other than Carlton Europe during my four-day trip to Jungfraujoch. The two hotels boast a rich influence of classic European design with an impeccable view out of the balcony.

If you’re wondering if Hotel Du Lac is worth your money, check out a brief review below before booking your next stay.

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Hotel Du Lac Interlaken: The Good and The Bad

Hotel Du Lac Interlaken

The Good

  • Excellent location: 2 minutes walking from Interlaken Ost train station.
  • Close to most attractions and shopping hubs in town such as Coop Supermarket.
  • The luggage storage counter is available for early check-in or late check-out.
  • Quiet
  • Stellar breakfast with lots of choices
  • Wonderful view from the bathtub

The Bad:

  • Squeaky noise happens when walking on the old wooden floors

First Impression

Hotel Du Lac Interlaken

Hotel Du Lac filled up the last night of my four-day trip around the Jungfraujoch area. The room was not ready since I was there super early in the morning. Dropping my luggage at the storage and completing the check-in process, I headed out to beautiful Chillon Castle on the eastern shore of Lake Geneva after receiving the travel pass and map of the Interlaken from the staff.

Hotel Du Lac Interlaken

As soon as I returned to Hotel Du Lac later in the afternoon, my bags were ready in the bedroom. No hassle left, I rushed straight to the balcony and soaked in the view of the dreamy, turquoise water of the Aare River right away. The river is sleeping peacefully at the foot of the far-flung Harder Kulm Mountain.

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The Bedroom

Hotel Du Lac Interlaken

This is one of the most whimsical rooms I’ve ever got. The simple and minimalist vibe is perfectly balanced out by the whimsical European countryside flare. There is some sort of Cinderella feeling to it that makes the room even more interesting to stay in.

The Bathroom

Hotel Du Lac Interlaken

The bathroom at Hotel Du Lac Interlaken is clean and fully equipped with standard amenities like what you see in the picture below. It’s not the biggest bathroom of all but the impeccable view toward the lake and mountain from the bathtub totally compensates for the limited space.

Hotel Du Lac Interlaken

Friendly reminder: most hotels in Switzerland only come with towels, brushing cups, body wash, hair wash, and hair dryers without toothpaste and a toothbrush. Make sure to prepare in advance.

The Breakfast

Hotel Du Lac Interlaken

Continental buffet breakfast stocks you up with seasonal fruits, eggs of all kinds, milk, cereal, jam, hot tea, and coffee, as well as a wide collection of bread and pastry.

Pick your favorite food, stay energized, and start venturing out for a fun-filled exploring day. All seats are placed by the windows with a marvelous view of the deep blue river.


Given such an excellent location, the food quality, and the comfort of stay, Hotel Du Lac Interlaken is totally worth the money. The view is to die for and the bedroom is sparkling clean and spacious. If you don’t mind the old-fashioned side of it, give Hotel Du Lac a go!

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