Zeughauskeller Zurich Reviews: Is It Worth The Hype

If you’re venturing out to Zeughauskeller restaurant for the first time, check out my brief review below for a heads-up.

Nguyen Oanh

軍火庫餐廳 Zeughauskeller

Dishing up Swiss staples and craft beer on tap inside a cozy, 15th-century building, Zeughauskeller is one of the most visited Swiss restaurants you cannot ignore when in Zurich.

Some say it’s a house full of tourists and the food is questionable. But to me, if you’re looking for an introduction to Swiss cuisine in an inviting environment, this is the place.

軍火庫餐廳 Zeughauskeller

From the schnitzel and cordon blue to pork knuckles and artisan beers, everything is on point. It’s not the best Swiss restaurant you need for a romantic date night but it surely fits the bill for an empty stomach and a hungry soul aspiring to explore.

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The Dining Space

軍火庫餐廳 Zeughauskeller

The interior boasts quite an armory with artillery. You’ll be sitting across the crossbows and other weapons displayed on the walls. The low ornate ceiling interior promotes a cozy feeling with expansive windows looking out to the streets.

The Menu

軍火庫餐廳 Zeughauskeller

Zeughauskeller prepares 11 languages so you will not have a hard time ordering your favorite dishes. We got some Swiss-German-crossed staples such as the schnitzel and pork knuckles along with several varieties of sausage and a side dish of potatoes and hashbrowns. The onion sauce was finger-licking good with its dark, rich, caramelized batter delighting your palate.

軍火庫餐廳 Zeughauskeller
軍火庫餐廳 Zeughauskeller
小V的表情怎麼跟隔壁的同款啦 😂

House Beer on Tap

軍火庫餐廳 Zeughauskeller

Zeughauskeller’s beer selection includes 6 kinds of craft beers and around 15 bottles brought to you from regional heavyweights such as Ittinger, Locher, Turbinen, Falken, and Feldschlösschen.

軍火庫餐廳 Zeughauskeller

If you’re a hardcore German beer fanatic, this may not be the best place that gets you wow’ed. However, the selection and flavors are nice. You can get them coming in huge glasses from 1 to 4 liters at a reasonable price for such a place in Switzerland.


軍火庫餐廳 Zeughauskeller

I highly recommend you try Zeughauskeller at least once if you happen to stop by Zurich. It has decent food quality with a well-selected round-up of beers. The environment is casual and friendly with a big touch of history that makes your dining experience a lot more fun.

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