A Navigator’s Guide to Atlantis the Palm, Dubai: The Room, Things to See and Do, and Top-Rated Restaurants

Look no further! This comprehensive guide to Atlantis the Palm Hotel in Dubai gives you an insightful review so you know what it's really like to live there!

Ashley Chuang


Atlantis the Palm raises the bar of classic hotels. It boasts 1530 rooms, 23 restaurants, a private beach, an underground shopping center, and a massive theme park.  Atlantis the Palm is set on a man-made island in Dubai. Every detail about this 23-story promotes the core design that illustrates “the Lost City” that was sunk by the Greek Gods.

杜拜棕櫚島亞特蘭蒂斯飯店Atlantis The Palm

Atlantis the Palm is so big that you can even spend multiple nights there to tick off all the recreational areas throughout its footprint. You only need a twenty-minute car drive from the hotel to the Mall of Emirates and keep up with the main happenings, and half an hour drive from the airport.


With so many happenings tucked into such a large footprint, first-timers feel a little intimidated about what to expect before staying at Atlantis the Palm. Rest your worries, this ultimate review will give you an insightful sneak peek before you pick a date and secure your booking!

Room Quality: The View, Level of Comfort, and What to Expect

When we returned to the hotel at about 5 pm, our luggage was ready in the corner of the room. Our ocean king room has a large floor-to-ceiling window opening out to the outdoor pool, the palm garden, and the sea.


The room is stellar with authentic design and a touch of luxury. There are no bells and whistles in the room but the level of comfort totally lived up to our expectations. 


Looking over the pool and the tiny stretch of sea in the morning after waking up is a joy itself. The pool is always packed with people and the palm trees surrounding it is refreshing. When the sun is out, serenity returns to the pool when the crowd has faded, leaving behind the dimly-lit scenery to reflect.

杜拜棕櫚島亞特蘭蒂斯飯店Atlantis The Palm

Overall, this room comes with a decent price tag and is family-friendly. If you come with kids, we highly recommend it!

杜拜棕櫚島亞特蘭蒂斯飯店Atlantis The Palm

The Pool at Atlantis the Palm

While watching the busy foot traffic down at the pool and the skyline on the other side of the Persian Gulf is fun, it’s hard to resist the temptation of dipping a foot in the pool to beat the killing heat in Dubai. Only when severe sandstorms sweep through the city, the gorgeous view is flipped into a hideous, unsightly thing to look at.

We decided to take a closer look at the pool for a short stroll early in the morning when the temperature hovered around 30 Celsius. It was hot and dry even early in the day, but it was not the end of the world compared to the heat at noon.

What to See and Do at Atlantis the Palm?

The Lost Chambers Aquarium and Ambassador Lagoon


Opening between 10 am and 10 pm, The Lost Chambers Aquarium is free for in-house guests, and you only need to show the room number at the ticket exchange counter.


The enormous aquarium is filled with 11 million liters of water, chock full of sharks, rays, and fish of hundreds of species native to the Arabian Gulf. They also offer snorkeling and sea-walk sessions if you want to give it a zest of adventurism instead of obscuring those gracious animals through a glass wall.


Aquaventure Waterpark


Walk to the end of the hotel from the underground shopping street and you’ll find an entrance to Aquaventure Waterpark. This public water park is free for in-house guests with a dedicated passageway. You only need to show your room card to receive an identification bracelet.

The Leap of Faith Waterslide


Kids love this area! This is where you’ll glide down a tube up to 60 miles per hour and plunge straight through a shark-infested lagoon. No worries! The sharks only watch you behind the glass wall so nothing life-threatening is going to happen! 

It may not be a place for the faint-hearted but if you’re looking for some adrenaline-producing things to do at Atlantis the Palm, this ride is the place to be!

Shark Attack

This exhilarating slide dunks you down into a tiny, dark tube. Then it opens out to a slower transparent glide where you float to the exit hole at a pool. At this section, you’ll literally swim with the sharks but they are completely separate from your way via the transparent glass tube.

Splashers Island Kinds’ Waterpark

It’s full of creative slides for toddlers and kids, including Splashers Island and Splashers Mountain where kids take on the world’s first kid’s rally-racer, tornado slide, and climbing courses.

Kids Club

Let your little ones engage in plenty of fun-filled activities that spread out from the Play Zone, Creation Zone to Command Center, and Underwater Theater so you two can have some time off alone.


Club Rush


This incredible evening hub is all for the teens. It includes a dance floor, video games, and a mocktail bar.


Dale Chihuly Glass Sculpture

杜拜棕櫚島亞特蘭蒂斯飯店Dale Chihuly燒玻璃作品

This enormous, gorgeous sculpture is a show-stopper when you walk into the lobby of Atlantis the Palm. The massive artwork is made of thousands of intensely colored pieces of blown glass from the base all the way up to the top, creating a free-standing masterpiece full of fiery colors. Make sure to stop by and snap some shots to feed your Instagram.

Best Places to Eat at Atlantis the Palm

Ossiano is an underwater restaurant where you indulge in lavish dishes in a romantic setting with stingrays, sharks, and fish swimming all around. It’s a perfect place to hang with your significant other.


If Japanese cuisine is where your heart is, then we highly recommend Nobu Dubai, a high-end Japanese restaurant located on the ground floor with a sushi bar and sake lounge.

Final Words: Is Atlantis the Palm Worth It? And More Dubai Hotel Ideas


Since it’s a popular five-star hotel with so many recreational activities, you can’t really expect it to be quiet and peaceful like a getaway resort. But it’s definitely the perfect base for families and kids if you’re looking for something beyond imagination, unique activities, and lots of dining options to stay put for days!

If you have more days to spend and look for more places to fill in the calendar, check out our favorite Dubai hotels and resorts that put a bright smile on your face!