Sirocco And Distil Bar: An Exquisite Nightlife At A Rooftop Bar

Moonlit magic and twinkling lights of Bangkok are brought to your eyesight clearer and better. Check out my review of Sirocco and Distil Bar below for a complete experience.

Nguyen Oanh

蓮花酒店高空酒吧Sirocco Sky Bar

Known as one of the most celebrated rooftop bars in Bangkok, Sirocco sits on the 63rd floor of the 5-star Lebua at State Tower, capturing the world with its iconic flight of stairs featured in the blockbuster Hangover 2.

蓮花酒店Sirocco Sky Bar

One thing you should know about this place: Sirocco is not the only rooftop bar in the building. One floor higher is where Distil’s is located. In this article, I’m gonna walk you through my experience visiting both of these famous sky bars, the dress code, and what to know before going.

蓮花酒店Sirocco Sky Bar

The Dress Code

Upon entering, there will be a sign directing you toward the sky bars’ locations. Pass the baggage check and the receptionist will show you how to get there using the lift on the ground floor.

As a high-end rooftop bar, the dress code is mandatory for all visitors. Stick to smart casual, meaning athletic or sports uniforms, slippers, beach sandals, and flip-flops are not permitted. Note that the service staff will take a look at your shoes when you enter the venue.

As far as the clothing regulation applied, I chose to wear the same attire to visit both Sirocco after visiting Author’s Lounge Afternoon Tea at Bangkok Mandarin Hotel to benefit from the same outfit and avoid multiple piles of washing.

Distil Bar

蓮花酒店Sirocco Sky Bar

After spending an hour at Author’s Lounge for a pleasant afternoon tea, I headed towards Sirocco around 5 pm. Ironically, Sirocco was not open until 6 pm that day so the staff instructed us to visit the Distil Bar on the 64th floor first.

As you may guess, the bar is not fully seated until evening comes, meaning I was the only person that showed up. So here I am, soaking up the dazzling sunset canvas and kicking back on the oversized sofas and romantic candlelight.

蓮花酒店高空酒吧Sirocco Sky Bar

I can’t stress enough how lucky I was able to catch the million-dollar view just the right time before the sunset came. Watching the horizon slowly switching colors from cloudy blue to a dramatic golden landscape while the buildings slowly lit up when the sun was out. From afar, the peaceful Chao Phraya river became even more romantic to look at.

蓮花酒店Sirocco Sky Bar

As an upscale bar, the price tag was a little hefty, starting at THB 400 for a serving not inclusive of the 17% service charge. The cocktails at Distil were centered around tropical fruit-forward flavors, using lots of Thai spices and herbs in the recipes.

蓮花酒店Sirocco Sky Bar
蓮花酒店Sirocco Sky Bar
蓮花酒店Sirocco Sky Bar夕陽

Sirocco Bar

蓮花酒店Sirocco Sky Bar

When the sun was completely out, the bar started to welcome more people, seats began to be full and we soon made our way back to Sirocco. Don’t forget to check out the iconic flight of stairs that are sandwiched between the two floors where Hangover 2 was filmed. The only downside is that photos are not allowed by security personnel to avoid danger. 

蓮花酒店Sirocco Sky Bar

It’s such a daunting task to pick one bar out of the two as both venues boast a different vibe. The place inclines toward the slow pace of life steeped in an elegant and easy-going ambiance. Meanwhile, Sirocco is more on the upbeat side where people tend to put more effort into their outfits.

蓮花酒店Sirocco Sky Bar夜景

The good news is that Sirocco doesn’t require you to purchase alcoholic drinks upon arrival. And as I already had a great time at Distil, all that was left was a brief look around the cityscape, snapping away photos of the views, and soon I exited the building.

蓮花酒店Sirocco Sky Bar

The Conclusion

Both Sirocco and Distil are worth the visit. If you’re looking for an exquisite touch to your day, enjoying the finer things of Bangkok with Mediterranean cuisine and fine wine, both of these sky bars are highly recommended. Just make sure you set the timer right as you don’t want to be there too early or too late for the sunset view.

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