Bantaoyao Crafts Studio & Singang Incense Artistic Culture Garden ︳Taiwan


Taiwanese culture is a unique amalgam of traditional and contemporary. It’s great to see the combination of  traditional culture with modern art in a creative way. Thanks to Corporate Synergy Development Center, who organize “Fun Taiwan Creative Life” for travelers to “dig deeper" of Taiwan’s Creative Industries. As an ambassador traveler, I am here to share with you my journey into […]

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Travel Guide to Akihabara ︳Tokyo

Akihabara is ways different from any other districts in Tokyo, streets featuring billboards of electronics, anime and manga characters, maids at every corners trying to attract any possible otaku to their shops, and stores devoted to anime and manga selling ridiculously expensive anime figurines, Akihabara is the center for global electronics technology and trade, also it is […]

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Travel Guide to The Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum ︳Tokyo

Following the worm signs designed by Studio Ghibli,we walk into the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum, it’s like taking a journey through time to several periods of Tokyo. The museum exhibits more than thirty historic buildings – from elevated cottages in the Edo period to western-style houses in the Meiji period. The buildings were relocated […]

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