The Shore at Katathani – Adults Only: An Ultimate Review of Phuket’s Best Seller Resort for Honeymoon

Stop looking for reviews on TripAdvisor! We answer all of your questions about The Shore at Katathani – Adults Only in this ultimate review. Check it out!

Ashley Chuang

The Shore at Katathani – Adults Only

With jaw-dropping ocean views, infinity pool, inspiring open-concept villa, and brilliant service, The Shore at Katathani – Adults Only is to die for. 

Are you wondering what it’s really like to stay at The Shore? What kind of services do they offer? How is the location?

We will shed light on your doubts by answering any question you may come up with in this handy review below.

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Checking in at the Lobby Was a Breeze

The Shore at Katathani - Adults only

We arrived at the lobby of The Shore at Katathani around noontime on a sunny Monday of December. Just like what we expected from a high-end resort, they escorted us to the waiting lounge with welcome drinks where they checked us in.

The Shore at Katathani - Adults only

You can tell how popular this resort is when all the staff is busy as the bees. But they were really professional and attentive to make sure you won’t feel like being ignored. Beside an icy drink came some cold towels, cashew nuts, and flowers. It was a pleasant check-in after all.

Once the receptionist explains the hotel’s rules, the room is ready to be used. You can’t bring unregistered guests inside as it breaks the rules. The receptionists and bellmen are trained to recognize in-house guests to avoid unwanted situations. Even the entrance gate is guarded to enhance the level of security.

Location of The Shore at Katathani – Adults Only: How Far Is It from the Airport and Central Landmarks?

The Shore at Katathani - Adults only

The Shore at Katathani – Adults Only is perched on a hillside, opening out to the peaceful side of Kata Noi Beach. A drive between the resort and Phuket International Airport is about an hour. 

Staying at The Shore is a chance to be snuggled by the jungle at the back and the mild ocean at the front. If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway to wind down with your significant other, The Shore at Katathani – Adults Only is surely a top call.

Is The Shore at Katathani – Adults Only a Good Choice for You?

The Shore at Katathani - Adults only

Yes, if you want to stay away from it all and engage with your family and loved ones to the fullest. Since The Shore is only for adults, only guests from 12 up can stay.

This place is all about privacy, peace, romance, and exclusiveness. It’s catered to those who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle, reconnect with nature and find a place for the blue mind. 

Since it overlooks the sea, every day is a day of zen and peace of mind. You always feel like all the stress and burden are washed away with the waves.

Seaview Pool Villa at The Shore at Katathani: A Review, Amenities, the View, and What to Expect?

The Shore at Katathani - Adults only

The Shore at Katathani offers a distinctive range of room options. But in this review, we’re going to go over how it’s like to spend the night at the Seaview Pool Villa.

After checking in, the shuttle driver rode us in front of our room and kept our luggage in place. The entire villa was tucked behind a fence gate and they let us open it by ourselves.

Then came the real hidden paradise. The entire villa is huge! It’s swathed by the sea from all sides with an open-concept layout. How lovely!

The Shore at Katathani - Adults only

We even had a butler for ourselves, who waited on us to walk us around for a full introduction. Picking the sea view pool villa means you have a private infinity pool just for you and your loved ones. No more sharing!

The Shore at Katathani - Adults only

Your swimming pool is barred from other villas by walls. And that’s why the sense of privacy and exclusiveness is taken to a whole new level. The infinity pool opens out to the sea right at the front. Imagine dunking your body into the cool water every morning while admiring the waves from afar – that’s beautiful!

The Shore at Katathani - Adults only

We instantly fell in love with the dominant white theme, especially the white gauze lounge area to spend a romantic lazy day with your spouse.

The room is stocked up with a smart TV that can be connected to your mobile phone to play music. 

The Shore at Katathani - Adults only

And when it comes to the bed, you’ll feel like a king of your own empire. The bed is facing the infinity pool via a floor-to-ceiling door. They also provided us with some essential oils placed on the table next to the bed.

The Shore at Katathani - Adults only
The Shore at Katathani - Adults only
The Shore at Katathani - Adults only

All in all, the entire experience at its Seaview Pool Villa was top-notch. They truly know how to wake up all the senses!

The Shore at Katathani - Adults only
The Shore at Katathani - Adults only

Which Services and Facilities Are Offered at The Shore at Katathani?

Alright, we’ve been talking about the room, let us walk you outdoors to see what’s going on!

The Pool

Arguably the best spot to enjoy the view at The Shore is the infinity pool hanging above a cliffside. This is the main infinity pool at the complex, dotted with padded loungers, sun umbrellas, and shaded daybeds. 

The Shore at Katathani - Adults only

Take a few steps further to another swimming pool, but slightly smaller. Most of the guests gathered by the biggest pool but those seeking a better sense of relaxation would make their way to the smaller one. The only downside to the smaller pool is it is a bit far off from the poolside bar but you can benefit from the service bells if needed.

The Shore at Katathani - Adults only
The Shore at Katathani - Adults only

The Harbor Restaurant

We had a lovely breakfast at this restaurant where they serve up an artful blend of international cuisine, especially the evening tapas. 

We love the outdoor seating under the roof of an open-air pavilion a lot to get some fresh air. You can also choose to lounge back at the poolside terrace.

Those who love Thai food can book ahead with Param Para. This is another great dining spot offering refined Thai cuisine with a unique touch of modern flavors.

Right close to The Harbor is The Lighthouse, a cocktail bar, and The Cove, a wine cellar.

Workout Facilities

Just like any other resort, we expected it to have a fitness center. So yeah, The Shore comes in fully equipped. They also have cardio and weight-lifting equipment. Everything is tucked inside an air-conned lounge. They also offer group yoga classes so make sure to check it out!

The Spa

Since we already stayed at a resort, it would be a waste not to benefit from a spa treatment. It’s time to wind down and ease your muscles at their Serenity Spa. This small, quaint, lovely spa is swathed by the pool and thriving green space. There are herbal steam rooms and outdoor plunge baths to engage your core and relieve stress.

The Beach

Save the best for last, the biggest hook at The Shore is the beach (of course). The beachfront over here is exceptional with an untamed arc of white sand kissing the deep blue sea. It’s so quiet and private that you never get bored even after spending hours chilling by the beach!

Bottom Line: Is The Shore at Katathani – Adults Only Worth It?

Heck yeah! We highly recommend it if you’re looking for a decent, premium ocean-view accommodation with a private pool on a honeymoon or throw a family bonding. 

We really appreciate the turn-down service! Imagine spending all day outdoors and coming back with fresh, aromatic plush bedding at the end of the day – that’s brilliant! 

The service is top-notch as always. Smiley and professional hoteliers make sure you have the best comforts of home. Essential amenities are sufficient to keep you comfortable. 

The Shore at Katathani totally nailed it at every point, even though it’s slightly far off from the city center.

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