How to Spend a Day at St. Moritz? An Easy Summer Travel Guide

Is St. Moritz worth visiting? How to get there on a Glacier Train? What are the top places to visit? This travel guide to St. Moritz has it all.

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聖莫里茨 St. Moritz

The world has seen plenty of ski resorts, but St. Moritz is definitely the most enchanting spot that can be visited both in winter and summer. The lush mountains peppered with abundant forests serve as a bustling hub for everything snow sports-related, from skiing to snow poloing – but that doesn’t mean St. Moritz has nothing to offer in summer.

聖莫里茨 St. Moritz

Pack your favorite mountain outfit and celebrate the best summertime retreat you’ve ever seen. This quaint hilly town has been going strong since the 1800s when winter tourism went into overdrive. Today, St. Moritz is an assortment of summer outdoor activities like trekking and hiking, swimming in the lakes, and lounging in the mystical thermal waters. Read on to explore more things to do for a day in St. Moritz!

How to Get to St. Moritz from Zermatt?

You can easily get to St. Moritz from Zermatt on the scenic Glacier Express train. It runs between Zermatt in Valais and St. Moritz in Graubunden, crossing a set of over 290 bridges and 91 tunnels. 

Known as the slowest train in Europe, the Glacier Express takes about 7 hours and 30 minutes, meandering through the most impeccable landscape of the Swiss Alps. When it stops at the St. Moritz station, get off and start your exploration on foot around this area. 

I arrived in St. Moritz early in the morning when the sun just popped out and the weather was so welcoming for a scenic walk. We dropped out luggage at the train station to start exploring. You can choose to hike or stroll around the lake, which takes about an hour or two to complete.

The gorgeous lake of St. Moritz is just a stone’s throw away from St. Moritz train station. The scenery around the lake area specifically comes alive after it rains the day before. Once the rain is over, the mountains loom out from the misty sky, promoting a dramatic and whimsical atmosphere for the walk.

From there, work your way around the lake and climb uphill. This is the downtown core of St. Moritz.

A Day Around the Downtown Core of St. Moritz: A Beautiful Walk around the Slope

聖莫里茨 St. Moritz

Conquer Lake St. Moritz

聖莫里茨 St. Moritz

Serving as the beacon of this snow-sports and ski resort town, St. Moritz lake offers an elegant and dramatic charm no matter what season it is. While snow polo, ice skating, horse riding, and ice crickets are the biggest hooks in winter, St. Moritz Lake is no short of fun when summer comes. 

聖莫里茨 St. Moritz

If you like to set out to the water, sign up for a sailing boat, windsurfing, rowing, or even swimming in the lake. Otherwise, walking on the bank of the lake is cheerful enough if you’d rather stay dry that day.

聖莫里茨 St. Moritz
聖莫里茨 St. Moritz

Kick Back at Hotel Piz St. Moritz for a Hearty Lunch

聖莫里茨 St. Moritz

Right next to the southwest bank of the St. Moritz Lake, Hotel Piz St. Moritz is a nice, old-fashion, and lovely hotel with a little restaurant on the ground floor serving everything Italian from pizza to pasta. On top of that, the risotto is the local specialty that you’ve gotta try.

聖莫里茨 St. Moritz

Silly me – when I popped in around half past 3 in the afternoon, I could only see one waiter serving on the ground. Soon I realized the restaurant is only open from 6 pm on, while the afternoon session between 2 pm and 6 pm is only open for the bar.

聖莫里茨 St. Moritz

To beat the rain and the rumbling stomach, I went for a hot latte and panini to chow down while kicking back. Simple and delicious, they are definitely something to rescue your empty stomach in the middle of the day.

聖莫里茨 St. Moritz

Trek and Hike to Snow-Capped Mountains

It would be a huge mistake if you don’t take on a scenic hike in Switzerland. St. Moritz is no short of beautiful routes, meandering through the foot of the mountains into the forests or looping through the lakes.

The best time to hike in St. Moritz is summer when the gorgeous sunlight shines longer and brighter.

Watch Sunset on Top of Muottas Muragl

At the end of the day, nothing caps off our busy day better than a lazy moment chilling out with a dramatic sunset. Right here in St. Moritz, Muottas Muragl is the best spot to do so. It boasts an awe-inspiring vista you can enjoy after taking a signature red train operated by the Muottas Muragl hotel. Once you’re there, don’t forget to stop by Muottas Muragl’s restaurant to munch on an array of Engadine and Italian cuisine.

Plunge in the Healing Thermal Water at a Spa

Nothing says ‘healing’ louder than a few hours at a thermal pool to relax your tired cores after a long day on the ski slopes or hiking in the forests. 

Some of the best spots to enjoy thermal baths and treatment are Ovaverva Hallenbad, Alpine Spa, as well as Mineral bath, and Spa Samedan. The water sources here are rich in iron and mineral salts. Beyond the bath treatment, you can also unwind in one of their saunas, or massages.

Spend the Nights at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel

聖莫里茨 St. Moritz

St. Moritz plays host to a wide range of beautiful lodgings, but on top of all, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel is the talk of the town, beckoning attention from all visitors interested in the history and heritage of the hotel.

Steeped in glitz and glamor, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel sits on the bank of lake St. Moritz and has been going strong since 1896. Famous public figures have stopped by, including Audrey Hepburn and Charlie Chaplin.

Each of the rooms is exquisitely curated with an elegant play of beige and white work to promote a whimsical ambiance of a classic French countryside house. There is also an eco-friendly spa that incorporates Indian, Thai, and Japanese massage techniques to help you relieve yourself after a long day on the hike or ski slopes.

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聖莫里茨 St. Moritz

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