Is Wat Arun Worth Visiting? Things To See, Dress Code, And Travel Tips

Visiting Wat Arun for the first time? Here is a lowdown on what to see inside the temple complex plus how to come prepared. Check out this Wat Arun travel guide.

Nguyen Oanh

Sleeping peacefully by the bank of the majestic Chao Phraya River, Wat Arun is one of the most visited temples in all of Thailand, boasting an impeccable vista against the dramatic background when the sun beams down.

Wat Arun has been standing strong since the 16th century. It imposes an exquisite yet delightful charm thanks to the sophisticated layout and marvelous embossment using over one million Chinese porcelain tiles.

Thanks to such magnificent beauty, the entire temple shimmers with golden rays when the very last sunlight of the day pierces through the beautiful prang (the main spire).

To soak in the beauty of the temple, you need to complete an extensive flight of stairs. Other than the main spire located in the middle, there are four other spires wrapping from four directions of the complex. Whenever a gust of wind flushes through, you will hear the diligent sound swaying on top of the spires.

How Much Is The Wat Arun Entrance Fee?

As of my latest lookup, the entrance fee to Wat Arun is THB 100 baht including a bottle of mineral water when you receive the ticket at the main gate.

Wat Arun Dress Code

Dress code is a major matter when you visit any sacred place in Thailand, and it goes the same way for Wat Arun. That means no shorts, sleeveless tops, or miniskirts are allowed inside. Otherwise, you need to rent some proper clothing to cover your knees and shoulders prior to your visit. The rental fee should be somewhere around THB 20 with a deposit of THB 100. They will give it back to you when you return the outfit.

It goes without saying that Wat Arun is a picture-perfect spot in Bangkok. Dubbed the “Temple of Dawn”, Wat Arun beckons hordes of visitors hunting the coolest shots to feed their ‘Gram. If your main thrill in life is all about snapping the best pictures, check out Sense of Thai: Thai Costume Rental and choose your favorite outfit.

Since this rental house is just across the river from Wat Arun, you may run into an extended queue that takes half an hour to thin out. If you’d rather cut back on wait time, book a slot online that includes clothing rentals, a makeup artist, and a photographer.

What To See At Wat Arun?

Despite the timeless charm, Wat Arun still receives some mixed reviews of people complaining about how the site is crammed with people on any given sunny day.

For me, if you can get over the mad crowd and simply enjoy the mesmerizing architecture on its own, Wat Arun is still a gorgeous time capsule that reveals an enchanting beauty if you take it slow to appreciate every inch and every statue.

The Wat Arun complex is large yet the main happenings revolve around the main spire. It reaches a whopping height of 82 meters and is enveloped in thousands of colorful ceramic tiles and seashells. 

The flight of stairs juts out up to all 4 floors of the temple. Most people gather around the 2nd floor which is currently open. Don’t be disheartened by the crowds. Albeit the small staircase, they eagerly make room if you need to pass by.


Wat Arun is open from 8 am to 6 pm daily. The best time to hit the premises is obviously during sunset which is around 5 pm. The average amount of time to linger around here is an hour. After the visit, you can walk back to the Chao Phraya River and enjoy the nightlife there, or cross the river and soak in the glimmering golden halogen lights when the sun is out.

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