Asakusa Riverfront Delights: Explore Tokyo Mizumachi for Shopping and Dining Experiences Under the Viaduct

Tokyo Mizumachi is a complex shopping mall located under the Tobu Skytree Line viaduct, stretching from Asakusa to the Tokyo Skytree. It features restaurants, design shops, cafes, and hotels.

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From Asakusa, walking along the Tobu Skytree Line and passing the “Sumida River Walk Bridge“, you will arrive at the Skytree. Following that is the Tobu Skytree Line viaduct, where the “Tokyo Mizumachi” complex shopping mall opened in June 2020. In Chinese, it can be translated as “Tokyo Waterfront Street“.

The Tokyo Waterfront Street Mall is designed more like a space for community residents to take their children for a walk and make purchases. It has stores selling daily necessities, sandwich vendors, Japanese dessert shops, and more. The outdoor area is a waterfront commercial district, where you can enjoy the river scenery and take a leisurely walk all the way to the Tokyo Skytree along the Kita-Junkan River.

[Transportation] Where is Tokyo Mizumi Street?

  • Address: 1 Chome Mukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
  • Business hours: 10:00~21:00
  • Official website

Tokyo Waterfront Street is located between Sumida Park (Skytree end) and Tokyo Skytree Station. You can choose to take a 6-minute walk along the “Sumida River Walk Bridge” from Sumida Park (Asakusa end) and go from the “West Zone” to the “East Zone” through the mall. You can also choose to stroll from the “East Zone” near “Oshiage Station” to the “West Zone”.

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【Tokyo Waterfront Street】West and East District Stores

Tokyo Mizube Street is a complex commercial facility built under the Tobu Railway. It is divided into the “West Zone” near the park and the “East Zone” near the Tokyo Skytree by the “Minamisenbashi” bridge in the middle. There are a total of 12 shops along the way, including restaurants, cafes, and bakeries.

【Tokyo Waterfront Street】Sumida Park (Skytree End)

Piao’er walked over from the Sumida River Walk Bridge and first saw Sumida Park on the left. Here, there are large green spaces and trees, and you can take pictures of the Tokyo Skytree from here.

【Tokyo Waterfront Street】West Side Storefront

Looking towards the railway, the first shop on the west side of Tokyo Waterfront Street is “A_LAND”, which is quite a popular restaurant that sells meals made from carefully selected contract-farmed ingredients. The terrace seating area also offers excellent waterfront views.

Next, we will pass by the design selection store “KONCENT”, which sells lifestyle products collaborated by design company Ash Concept and designers/manufacturers from various regions in Japan.

There are also pet grooming centers and other shops.

The bakery “Mūya” at the end of the street is also very popular.

【Tokyo Waterfront Street】Minato Bridge

Walking to the end of the West District will lead you to “Yuansen Bridge”, where you can take pictures of the view of the Skytree and the waterfront.

【Tokyo Waterfront Street】East Side Shop

After crossing the bridge, you will arrive at the “East District”. The first thing you will see is the “WISE OWL HOSTELS RIVER TOKYO”, which combines a hotel and a monthly rental share house. However, I think it’s quite noisy to live under the railway bridge.

On the contrary, the waterfront space in the East District after revitalization is very pleasant to stroll around.

Major convenience stores, sports and leisure centers, laundromats, and burger joints in the East District.

Walking to the end will lead you to the comprehensive sports and leisure venue “LATTEST SPORTS”, which has sports-related facilities such as a climbing gym and a bicycle shop.

【Tokyo Waterfront Street】Kita-Jikkengawa

After passing through Mizumachi, the river that runs along the way is the Kitajima River. You can take a walk along the trail here to Tokyo Skytree. I happened to visit at the end of April to early May, during Japan’s Children’s Day (Japanese: 子供の日), and the four major areas around Tokyo Skytree, including the Skytree Plaza, Soramachi Plaza, Soramachi Slope, and Kitajima River, will be decorated with over 500 carp streamers. The largest number of them can be found along the banks of the Kitajima River.

【Tourist Spot】Tokyo Skytree


Next to it is the entrance to Tokyo Skytree. The most famous attraction here is the Tembo Galleria, where you can enjoy the Tokyo night view. The shopping mall below, TOKYO Solamachi, is a great place to buy souvenirs.

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